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It’s most likely that majority of football gamers drain hours for digging into madden NFL league to collect madden mobile coins and all the stuff in the game. The thrust is for consoles as they are recently launched. But have you ever wondered that what would you do when you are away and need a football fix badly? EA’s Madden Mobile is a pretty sweet gift for such gamers. Give it a few days time, sink your teeth into the game and then you can determine or decide whether this version is the pigskin simulator your tablet or phone was yearning for and it rightly deserves.

Graphics and due presentation

While graphics have seldom or never been the crux or most important aspect of video games, nobody likes a football game designed in 2014 to resemble Tecmo Bowl.

  • Madden Mobile fares quite well in this segment. The developers spared no cost whatsoever in channelizing resources. They derive every noteworthy facet from the powerful and compelling features of today’s GPUs.
  • There’s no denying that you won’t get console quality staff here, but the game still performs and looks smooth and appealing enough to make you feel like you are on the field.
  • Player models, which are very crucial here, entail proper justice. You might not get a distinct view of Colin Kapernick’s famous tattoos or the infamous receding hairline of Drew Brees, but their build and height entail accurate representation.

More on the list

Another remarkable aspect of Madden Mobile is that the numbers and names on the jersey backs are vivid enough to stop you making any mistake about a player’s identify.

  • The player’s animations are quite smooth. From a QB throwing motion to a player kicking the ball with his swinging leg to one nailing a field goal, this game feels and looks exactly what you can expect from it.
  • The environment surrounding you is equally realistic. While the stadium that’s meant to encompass a full house of tens of thousands of people doesn’t really give you the feel of a real NFL stadium or gladiator arena, the animated crowd is still modest enough to set your instincts rushing forth.
  • The sound effects are good enough to amplify the essence of a match and enhance that real football feel.

The game-play facets

The movement of players in Madden Mobile is maneuvered by an analog stick on the screen.

  • It allows you to move your players in all directions you want. The context-sensitive and vital action button rests on the other flank of the display. It changes depending on varying situations.
  • For pre-play, you just press the button to hold or snap the football. While you control the ball carrier in a match, it becomes your pal.
  • There are hurdles, jukes and spins performed by controlling this button.

About the game-play

Considering that most folks opine that beauty runs skin deep, any video game can only be as good as its intrinsic game-play. It doesn’t matter how well it looks like if you are enjoying playing it. The developers have done a smart job in establishing a fine balance between freedom and simplicity. In a nutshell, this one’s a fun game for those who cannot live without football even when they are away from their homes.

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